Naked Desires: Part One

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Perfect Match: Renee McKnight and Cole Bradley.

Contract Details: Accompany to work events. Maybe friends with benefits...

Fine Print: Secrets, Lies, Déjà vu and Kinky Sex.

Desire Comes in Second Chances ... 

When Renee McKnight, contracts with VIP for a Companion, she never thought her past and future would meet...

As an art gallery owner and divorced, Renee works hard and works even harder to never fall in love again. But she still craves a man's touch. VIP may just be what she needs...  Just pleasure of the platonic kind. No strings. No sex. All professional.

Renee wasn't counting on a younger, hot, dirty-mouthed, bad boy named Cole Bradley to keep her attention. What starts out as a working relationship, turns into something more personal for both of them. Cole has made it clear. He wants Ren. Now she isn't sure of anything. Including her heart.

As they spend more time together, things begin to spiral out of control. And Ren is keeping a deep dark secret of her own...