PREY Update and Tidbits


As much as I wanted to, I couldn't finish PREY this summer. Camille and Brace begged, and cursed me out for not finishing their dark romance story. I was saddened that the time frame I'd given myself was not met. My priorities- Real life- Got a bit crazy for me these past months.

You lovely ladies (and gents) will eventually get PREY. I'm not going to give you an expected publication release until I'm in the last stage of editing. I've poured my heart and soul into my first standalone story. And as I continue to write, I challenge myself to go into dark topics that Prey has touched upon. 

Things to look forward to next week and thereafter.

1. Prey's official book blurb. It has been rewritten.

2. Posting a HINT of Prey's NEW book cover.

3. October Newsletter and Giveaway (Subscribers will see Prey's new book cover first!). 

4. I will continue to have a Monthly Subscriber Only Giveaway sent via email, but  will only send out an Informative Newsletter as needed depending on what's going on in my writing world.

5. I have been working on another another dark romance standalone. I gave my newsletter subscribers a tease about the novella months ago. And will give an update on that dark romance standalone in my upcoming newsletter (Coming up the end of October so if you haven't subscribed do so now!!)

Thanks for reading and still supporting me! 

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