Rhyme Devereux is a pseudonym of an American adult romance writer. She enjoys making up characters and worlds that focus on the contemporary and erotic romance subgenres.

Her upcoming books will be more on the psychological-thriller type romances; that messes with your mind and heart. Unlike her past erotic romances, these stories will have a dose of darkness. You will be totally disturbed and turned on all at the same time.

Born and raised in Maryland, she is married with four children and two dogs, living in Pennsylvania. Rhyme considers herself a late bloomer (and wears that label with pride). Her devotion to reading transitioned into a passion for writing romance books that she could share with other readers.

When Rhyme's not writing or daydreaming about characters and plot twists, you can find Rhyme being a housekeeper, tutor, chef, referee, loving mother, and wife. And if she has some spare time, you will catch her laying in bed with a glass (or two) of Italian red wine, wearing holey pajamas while reading a good romance or mystery-thriller novel.

Thanks for wanting to get to know Rhyme better. But by far, her books are much more exciting.

Few More Tidbits:

ü  She's a pantser. Rhyme prefers to write on her own terms.

ü  Rhyme went to college to become a lawyer. Then switched careers and wanted to be a city cop. Finally she settled down, got serious and worked with special needs children, and then a preschool teacher. Finally, Rhyme ended up being a late bloomer romance author. So with all that experience she has a degree in "Common Sense" *wink*

ü  Her debut book AT YOUR MERCY almost didn't get published. Rhyme was nervous about someone hating her book. Then she put my big girl panties on and clicked 'Publish'. Now that book has been renamed: Beautiful Regret.

ü  She's a clean freak. Constantly washing her hands.

ü  She loves to travel abroad.

ü  Her favorite color is purple. Not lavender or violet...Purple.

ü  Rhyme loves Italian food and Italian red or white wine!

ü She fell in love with reading mystery/thriller books at a young age, but when puberty hit, Rhyme became an avid reader of romance fiction.