Beautiful Regret: Part One

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Perfect Match: Ivory Montgomery  and Jax Sterling

Contract details: Companion to social events and business trips

Fine Print:  Heated nights, Adventurous days, and possibly falling in love...

There was a time when I thought staying single wasn't such a bad thing. I've seen the worst in people. Vowed not to become a victim of love. Then I meet my next client, Jax Sterling, a billionaire. He turns my world on its axis. But the problem is there will never be anything between us. I don't date clients. 

Jax is gorgeous, powerful, protective, and had my heart a long time ago. The more time we spend together, the more I crave to be with him. I can't resist his touch. He seduces my mind. Plays with my senses, and consumes me with unyielding pleasure. For once, I feel unbroken. 

But when a family secret threatens their second chance. Ivy's life as she knows it, won't be the same again...