PREY Cover Re-Reveal + Giveaway!

by - Wednesday, January 18, 2017

As much as I wanted to (and believe me I cried about it) I couldn't finish PREY with a summer release date. Camille and Brace begged, and cursed me out for not finishing their dark romance story. My priorities- Real life- Got a bit crazy for me these past months. Which gave me no choice but to push back the release date. A choice that I know was best to do. 

I've poured my heart and soul into my first standalone story. And as I continue to write, I challenge myself in writing the dark topics that Prey has touched upon. You lovely ladies (and gents) will eventually get PREY. I'm not going to give an expected publication until I'm in the stages of final editing.

This is the story of how I destroyed myself...

Sex addict. Liar. Selfish...
I want what I want. No rules. No promises.
The best parts of me aren't real. And my imperfections can't be healed.

Irresistible. Arrogant. Dirty Talking...
He taps into my dark side. The one I keep hidden.
Our game of seduction is addictive.

The thing is he wants all of me. Just as I am.
The problem.

It's all a lie...

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