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by - Thursday, September 17, 2015

PREY (The Prey Series, Book One)

Expected Publication: December 2015

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Book Blurb

My name is CAMILLE LAYNE. I'm a sex addict.

Well, I'm a recovering sex addict. I self-diagnosed myself. Now I'm playing the good girl. I'm starting over with no distractions. I moved to a new town to begin my career as an editor for a prestigious magazine company.

Then I meet BRACE JAMESON. Sexy. Rich. Dirty Talking. F*ckable.

I knew from the moment I caught the CEO with his hand on his cock, that this is bad. I should have ran out the doors of Jameson Publishing. But Brace is so persistent. I don't blame him. I reek of sex.

My touch is toxic. I’m not what you need, but I'll do whatever it takes to have you. I can't resist anymore...

You make me want to love again. I want too, but not the kind of love with limits or boundaries.

Brace isn't like the others.
He doesn't play cat and mouse games.
He wants all of me. Just as I am.

And just when you've met your equal. The past always rears its ugly head...

*WARNING: This is a work of fiction, and contains erotic content meant for mature adult audience. Prey has a touch of darkness, strong language, and hot, rough sex. Did I mention rough sex?

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